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Admire Travel & Tours has been empowering and facilitating it’s customers with comprehensive travel & tour services. We aim to deliver value by offering a range of travel products with the highest standard of service along with cutting edge technology.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Admire Travel & Tours is a one-stop shop for all travel related services. A leading consolidator of travel products, Admire Travel & Tours provides reservation facility for domestic and international flights, domestic and international hotels, and holiday packages.
Booking an international flight is a level of complexity beyond domestic travel. You have to consider time zone changes, how jet lag might affect you for the next day’s sales meeting, and even the baggage regulations of traveling between specific countries.
Let the international travel professionals at Admire Travel & Tours worry about these problems for you. We have over 10 years of experience with international travel, and have worked with everyone from executive VIP travelers to large government groups.

With dedicated customer support operating 24/7 and office in the DHA Phase 2 extension, Karachi is there for you.

Travel with Happiness

As a corporate travel client, you will be escorted to your destination and back again by a network of highly experienced travel agents and technological systems that track and manage every detail of your itinerary. You will never be lost, stuck, overcharged, or unable to get immediate assistance while you are in our care.

Our partnership gives us access to a nearly unlimited range of route options, discounts, amenities, and other perks that consumers and unaffiliated agencies are not afforded.

All of this, along with the dedication and thoroughness of our experienced agents, means that when you book your corporate travel with Admire Travel & Tours, you are assured an unparalleled experience accompanied by the utmost peace of mind.